2017/18 NHL Predictions!

By Eric Jacinto
Oct. 04, 2017

The 2017/18 season begins tonight with four games. Starting at 7 PM ET, it's Auston Matthews and the Toronto Maple Leafs facing the Jets in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. At 8 PM ET it's the defending Stanley Cup champions (Back to Back titles), the Pittsburgh Penguins host the St. Louis Blues as they as they start their run a three peat. Finally, in the night cap it's the Edmonton Oilers hosting their arch rival the Calgary Flames. Also, it's the Philadelphia Flyers facing the San Jose Sharks from the Shark tank. The other 23 teams will be playing either tomorrow or Friday or Saturday.

Now onto my predictions for the upcoming season. I'm predicting where they will finish and how many points each team will finish not the amount of wins

(Seed) Playoff Format

Western Conference:


1. Chicago Blackhawks, 112 Points (1C)

2. Nashville Predators, 110 Points (2C)

3. Minnesota Wild, 107 Points (3C)

4. Dallas Stars, 104 Points (WC1)

5. St. Louis Blues, 90 Points

6. Colorado Avalanche, 50 Points


1. Edmonton Oilers, 114 Points (1P)

2. Anaheim Ducks, 111 Points (2P)

3. Calgary Flames, 107 Points (3P)

4. Vegas Golden Knights, 100 Points (WC2)

5. San Jose Sharks, 99 Points

6. Los Angeles Kings, 84 Points

7. Vancouver Canucks, 53 Points

Western Conference Divisional "Semi-Finals" or First Round:

(Pacific Bracket):

(1P) Edmonton Oilers vs. (WC2) Vegas Golden Knights

Prediction: Oilers in 6 Games

(2P) Anaheim Ducks vs. (3P) Calgary Flames

Prediction: Flames in 7 Games

(Central Bracket):

(1C) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (WC1) Dallas Stars

Prediction: Blackhawks in 5 Games

(2C) Nashville Predators vs. (3C) Minnesota Wild

Prediction: Predators in 7 Games

Western Conference "Divisional" Finals: or Second Round:

(Pacific Finals):

(1P) Edmonton Oliers vs. (3P) Calgary Flames

Prediction: Oilers in 7 Games

(Central Finals):

(1C) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (2C) Nashville Predators

Prediction: Chicago Blackhawks in 7 Games

Western Conference Finals:

(1P) Edmonton Oilers vs. (1C) Chicago Blackhawks

Prediction: Oilers in 7 Games

Eastern Conference:


1. Washington Capitals, 113 Points (1M)

2. Pittsburgh Penguins, 111 Points (2M)

3. Philadelphia Flyers, 104 Points (3M)

4. Columbus Blue Jackets, 105 Points (WC1)

5. New York Rangers, 101 Points (WC2)

6. Carolina Hurricanes, 91 Points

7. New York Islanders, 80 Points

8. New Jersey Devils, 72 Points


1. Montreal Canadiens, 113 Points (1A)

2. Toronto Maple Leafs, 110 Points (2A)

3. Tampa Bay Lightning, 105 Points (3A)

4. Ottawa Senators, 99 Points

5. Boston Bruins, 91 Points

6. Buffalo Sabers, 84 Points

7. Florida Panthers, 80 Points

8. Detroit Red Wings, 66 Points

Eastern Conference "Divisional Semi-Finals or First Round:

(Atlantic Bracket):

(1A) Montreal Canadiens vs. (WC1) Columbus Blue Jackets

Prediction: Blue Jackets in 6 Games

(2A) Toronto Maple Leafs vs. (3A) Tampa Bay Lightning

Prediction: Maple Leafs in 7 Games

(Metropolitan Bracket):

(1M) Washington Capitals vs. (WC1) New York Rangers

Prediction: Washington Capitals in 7 Games

(2M) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (3M) Philadelphia Flyers

Prediction: Flyers in 6 Games

Eastern Conference "Divisional Finals" or Second Round:

(Atlantic Final):

(2A) Toronto Maple Leafs vs. (WC1) Columbus Blue Jackets

Prediction: Blue Jackets in 6 Games

(Metropolitan Final):

(1M) Washington Capitals vs. (3M) Philadelphia Flyers

Prediction: Capitals in 7 Games

Eastern Conference Finals:

(1M) Washington Capitals vs. (WC1) Columbus Blue Jackets

Prediction: Blue Jackets in 7 Games

Stanley Cup Finals:

(1P) Edmonton Oliers vs. (WCE1) Columbus Blue Jackets

Prediction: Oilers in 7 Games to win the 2017/2018 Stanley Cup

Conn Smythe Winner (Playoff MVP): Connor McDavid

Sleeper Team: Carolina Hurricanes

Disappointing Team: Tampa Bay Lightning

2017/18 NHL Awards:

President's Trophy Winner (Best Record Team): Edmonton Oilers

Hart Winner (Season MVP): Auston Matthews, Maple Leafs

Ted Lindsay Winner (Outstanding Player of the Year): Connor McDavid, Oilers

Calder Winner (Rookie of the Year): Nolan Patrick, Flyers

Vezina Winner (Goalie of the Year): Carey Price, Canadiens

James Norris Winner (Defenseman of the Year): Erik Karlsson, Senators

Art Ross Winner (Leading Point Scorer): Connor McDavid, Oilers

Maurice Richard (Leading Goal Scorer): Auston Matthews, Maple Leafs

Frank J. Selke Winner (Best Defensive Forward): Patrice Bergeron, Bruins

King Clancy (Best Leader): Connor McDavid, Oilers

Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award Winner: Alexander Ovechkin, Capitals

William M. Jennings Winner (Goalie given up the fewest goals against): Sergei Bobrovsky, Blue Jackets

General Manager of the Year: Lou Lamoriello, Maple Leafs

Jack Adams (Coach of the Year): Mike Babcock, Maple Leafs