2017 NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

By Eric Jacinto
Oct. 10, 2017

(Season Record), [Previous Week's Ranking], {+, - & =}

1. Kansas City Chiefs, (5-0), [1], {=}; Beat the Houston Texans, 42-34.

Next Game: Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers.

2. Denver Broncos, (3-1), [2], {=}; Bye Week

Next Game: Vs. New York Giants on SNF.

3. Green Bay Packers, (4-1), [3], {=}; Beat the Dallas Cowboys, 35-31.

Next Game: @ Minnesota Vikings.

4. Philadelphia Eagles, (4-1), [9], {+5}; Beat up on the Arizona Cardinals, 34-7.

Next Game: @ Carolina Panthers on TNF.

5. Atlanta Falcons, (3-1), [5], {=}; Bye Week

Next Game: Vs. Miami Dolphins.

6. Carolina Panthers, (4-1), [10], {+4}; Beat the Detroit Lions, 27-24.

Next Game: Vs. Philadelphia Eagles on TNF.

7. New England Patriots, (3-2), [7], {=}; Beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 19-14.

Next Game: @ New York Jets.

8. Detroit Lions, (3-2), [6], {-2}; Lost to the Carolina Panthers, 27-24.

Next Game: @ New Orleans Saints.

9. Seattle Seahawks, (3-2), [12], {+3}; Beat the LA Rams, 16-10.

Next Game: Bye Week

10. Oakland Raiders, (2-3), [8], {-2}; Lost to the Baltimore Ravens, 30-17.

Next Game: Vs. LA Chargers.

11. New Orleans Saints, (2-2), [11], {=}; Bye Week

Next Game: Vs. Detroit Lions.

12. Jacksonville Jaguars, (3-2), [24], {+10}; Beat up on the Pittsburgh Steelers, 30-9.

Next Game: Vs. LA Rams.

13. Pittsburgh Steelers, (3-2), [4], {-9}; Got destroyed by the Jacksonville Jaguars, 30-9.

Next Game: @ Kansas City Chiefs.

14. Buffalo Bills, (3-2), [14], {=}; Lost to the Cincinnati Bengals 20-16.

Next Game: Bye Week.

15. Los Angeles Rams, (3-2), [15], {=}; Lost to the Seattle Seahawks, 16-10.

Next Game: @ Jacksonville Jaguars.

16. Baltimore Ravens, (3-2), [22], {+6}; Beat the Oakland Raiders, 30-17.

Next Game: Vs. Chicago Bears.

17. Washington Redskins, (2-2), [17], {=}; Bye Week

Next Game: Vs. San Francisco 49ers.

18. Minnesota Vikings, (3-2), [21], {+3}; Beat the Chicago Bears, 20-17.

Next Game: Vs. Green Bay Packers.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (2-2), [16], {-3}; Lost to the New England Patriots, 19-14.

Next Game: @ Arizona Cardinals.

20. Dallas Cowboys, (2-3), [18], {-2}; Lost to the Green Bay Packers, 35-31.

Next Game: Bye Week.

21. Houston Texans, (2-3), [19], {-2}; Lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, 42-34.

Next Game: Vs. Cleveland Browns.

22. New York Jets, (3-2), [23], {+1}; Beat the Cleveland Browns, 17-14.

Next Game: Vs. New England Patriots.

23. Miami Dolphins, (2-2), [25], {+2}; Beat the Tennessee Titans, 16-10.

Next Game: Vs. Atlanta Falcons.

24. Tennessee Titans, (2-3), [20], {-4}; Lost to the Miami Dolphins, 16-10.

Next Game: Vs. Indianapolis Colts.

25. Arizona Cardinals, (2-3), [13], {-12}; Got their asses kicked by the Philadelphia Eagles, 34-7.

Next Game: Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

26. Cincinnati Bengals, (2-3), [26], {=}; Beat the Buffalo Bills, 20-16.

Next Game: Bye Week.

27. Los Angeles Chargers, (1-4), [27], {=}; Beat the New York Giants, 27-22.

Next Game: @ Oakland Raiders.

28. Indianapolis Colts, (1-4), [28], {=}; Beat the San Francisco 49ers in Overtime, 26-23.

Next Game: @ Tennessee Titans on MNF.

T.30. New York Giants, (0-5), [29], {-1}; Lost to the LA Chargers, 27-22.

Next Game: @ Denver Broncos on SNF.

T.30. Chicago Bears, (1-4), [30], {=}; Lost to the Minnesota Vikings, 20-17.

Next Game: @ Baltimore Ravens.

31. San Francisco 49ers, (0-5), [31], {=}; Loss to the Indianapolis Colts in Overtime, 26-23.

Next Game: @ Washington Redskins.

32. Cleveland Browns, (0-5), [32], {=}; Lost to the New York Jets, 17-14.

Next Game: @ Houston Texans.

Raise and Fall:

Raise: Jacksonville Jaguars, 22nd to 12th; (+10)

Fall: Arizona Cardinals, 13th to 25th; (-12)

Thoughts/Notes on the Power Rankings:

It's clear as day that the Kansas City Chiefs are the number one team, they're the best team in football right now and proved it again when they beat the Houston Texans on the road. The defense isn't as scary as people think but Alex Smith is playing lights out and right now is the NFL MVP!

The rest of the top five includes the Denver Broncos (2), Green Bay Packers (3), Philadelphia Eagles (4), and Atlanta Falcons (5). The Carolina Panthers come in at number 6. Four teams from the NFC in the top 6 those are the best four teams in the NFC right now. This Thursday we get two of them facing each other as the Eagles face the Panthers in Carolina. Then you got the two teams that played in the NFC Championship game last year.

The New England Patriots remain at number seven as they haven't played great football all season but been solid. I don't think we've seen the best of the Patriots yet this season but it's coming soon enough.

The Detroit Lions come in at number eight, the Seattle Seahawks come in at number 9 and the Oakland Raiders come in at number ten to round out the top ten.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, are the biggest movers (went from 22nd to 12th) of the week as they went into Pittsburgh and dominating the Steelers picked off Big Ben Roethlisberger off five times returning two of them for touchdowns.

The Arizona Cardinals fall the hardest as they slipped all the way to bottom ten to 25. The Cardinals got destroyed by the Philadelphia Eagles. The game was never even close at all as they were down 21-0 after one quarter of play.

The Indianapolis Colts, New York Giants, Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers, and Cleveland Browns round out the bottom five teams. There's no question those are the five worse teams in the NFL right now. The New York Giants suffered several bad blows as they lost their star Wide Receiver, Odell Beckham Jr to a fractured ankle, fellow receiver Brandon Marshall to ankle injury, Dwayne Harris to a broken foot all three out for the season and Sterling Shepard got injured too but luckily for the Giants it was an ankle sprain only.

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